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CISR Live webinar series

Illustrated computer screen displaying CISR logo

Our CISR  Live webinar series functions just like a virtual classroom. They are NOT the same as the self-paced online CISR courses offered by the National Alliance. 

You will:

  • See the instructor in real time 
  • See speaker presentations
  • Participate in Q&A sessions
  • Be in class all day with regular breaks and an hour for lunch
  • Participate from the comfort and convenience of your home or office
  • Online exam for designation credit from home/office the following week

Pre-registration is required.   We will send you a confirmation email that includes course materials and a link to view  webinar with technical specs and support line. You can print the course materials or view them on your computer, laptop, or tablet.


Video tells you:

  • How to register
  • Important information in your confirmation letter (link to join, computer requirements & tech support, link to course materials, exam procedures)
  • Who needs to take the exam & how (exam policy and proctor requirements updated for COVID-19)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access a CISR Live Webinar?
Registration is required for webinars. After you register, IIABSC will send you a confirmation email that includes course materials and a link to the webinar. You can print the course materials or view them from your computer, laptop, or tablet.

What is the course agenda?
7:30 - 7:55 AM Log into webinar*
8 AM - Noon Webinar in session with scheduled breaks
Noon - 1 PM Lunch break
1 - 4 PM Webinar in session with scheduled breaks
4 - 4:30 PM Q&A session for individuals earning the designation only
4:30 PM Webinar concludes

*(Be sure to log in EARLY to the webinar to allow time for troubleshooting if necessary. It is YOUR responsibility to be sure you can connect and that you have all the proper software loaded. Technical assistance is available at 1-800-786-4303. IIABSC will not be able to assist you in connecting, you must call the number given.)

How much does it cost?
Registration Fee: $170 (both members and non-members)

What technology do I need to take a webinar?
  • A desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player
  • Internet connection
  • Speakers or audio on your device (There is no phone connection for these webinars; audio streams through the computer)

Do I need to attend the entire webinar?
To earn continuing education credits and/or designation update credits, you must be in FULL ATTENDANCE of the webinar. There will be attendance polls taken online during each hour of the live webinar. You must reply to all attendance polls to earn credit.

Do I need to take an exam?
If you are attending the live webinar to earn the CISR or CISR Elite designation, you must take and pass the exam.

If you are attending the live webinar only for CE credit or for your CISR designation annual update credit, you DO NOT need to take a test. Your attendance is validated by the attendance polls, and an exam is not required.

How do I take the CISR exam?
Following the live webinar, we will email you a link to the exam. The exams are taken online. Access to your exam will be available Monday through Wednesday of the week following your webinar. You can take the exam any time during those days. You will have one hour to complete the exam from the time you begin.  

Do I need a proctor for the exam?
Yes, the exam must be proctored, meaning someone must see you take the test and confirm that you did not use any course materials or notes to take the test. Typically, this proctor must be a disinterested third party. 

When do I get my results?
You will get your results almost immediately after completing the online exam.