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Are you ready to take your leadership skills to a new level?

The Big I of SC  is proud to offer our members access to one of the most successful facilitated "Peer to Peer" mastermind groups  - MyNetwork.  Groups meet virtually once a month for eight months beginning in October 2023.

What is a  "Peer-to-Peer" mastermind group?
A mastermind group is a small group of individuals who meet together to address challenges and gain insights to help them mobilize their organizations and their individual careers. 

Tall blue patterned infographic explaining Mastermind Networks

Why do we say "facilitated" peer-to-peer networking?
Each MyNetwork group is lead by a trained MyNetwork facilitator who carefully curates and coordinates all aspects of the group. Groups are led with a time-tested structure that is designed to create community and a high-impact environment for connection,  growth and collaboration.

MyNetwork Irresponsibly Responsible

Check out this short video on MyNetwork and how it can benefit you as a female leader in the insurance industry. 


Women Who Lead Remarkably
FREE one-hour webinar to give you the "feel" of what a MyNetwork session is all about

Women face different challenges in the work world, especially in leadership. This session unpacks some self- and environmentally imposed obstacles women continue to face and includes a collection of some of the best how-to advice from women throughout history and right under our noses today.    Broadcasting Thurs., Sept. 1 at 11:00 am EST.


IMPACT - In Purpose. On Purpose. For Purpose
8 Sessions - One/month beginning in October

This awesome peer-to-peer networking session is just for female leaders and emerging leaders in South Carolina!  Come join your sisters across the state who face the same challenges that you do in your agency or organization and develop relationships that will last far after the sessions are complete.