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Trusted Choice Freedom Campaign digital ads Part I results

Part II runs September - November

Earlier this year we announced that IIABSC was investing in a digital media campaign to help consumers looking online for insurance coverage find your agency by way of

The first three-month series wrapped in June with 15 percent more exposure than we anticipated in both South Carolina and across the country. In South Carolina, we ended with 14.5 million impressions, 6,083 clicks and 113 conversions (see below for further explanation). The national campaign finished 204 million impressions, 84,087 clicks and 2,437 conversions. 

The next round starts in September and runs until November, and we expect even better results due to quicker optimization. The ability for optimization is the most important benefit of using digital display advertisingView sample ad​.

How display ads work
Display banner ads appear adjacent to content on eligible web pages. Our Freedom Campaign ads are running on websites such as trulia, Forbes and

Each time an ad displays on a webpage viewed by a consumer is an impression. Impressions are important because it means brand exposure. More consumers seeing the Trusted Choice® logo is a goal of this campaign. 

Each time a consumer clicks on our ad is a click. When consumers click on our Freedom campaign banner ads, they are directed to our consumer website,​.  Clicks are important because it means people seeing our consumer website.

The ultimate goal of our consumer website is for consumers to contact our members through the "Find an agent" or "Get a quote" tools. Each time a consumer does either it is a "conversion."

Digital ads are optimized over time as analytics show what variables generate better consumer response. This means that we watch what gets a response from consumers and then do more of what works so that our impressions, clicks and conversion numbers increase over time.

Digital Advertising, a new way to reach clients.

For your agency to receive the maximum benefit of our investment, they should be Advantage Subscribers of through ProjectCap.​​​