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New ABEN webcasts - Summer 2018

Webcasts offer CE credit with no travel or tests needed

​​​Business Income, Extra Expense, Off-Premises Utility Failure and Spoilage Coverage1 hr. P&C
After every hurricane, as soon as the wind stops blowing claim denials “blow in” relating to business income, spoilage, and off-premises utility failure. It’s not unique just to hurricanes either; the same issues arise after tornadoes, ice storms, and wildfires.

This class looks at the coverage provided for both direct damage and civil authority issues. The requirements to trigger coverage will be covered, as will exclusions, deductibles, and time limitations. Three ISO endorsement to provide additional coverage will be discussed. Numerous actual claims will be used as examples.

Cyber Security and Insurance Risk Management — Training for Agents & Brokers2 hrs. P&C
This Course studies the fundamentals of Cyber Security Risk Management and the relation to Cyber Insurances, and addresses obstacles in the cyber insurance sales process.

Topics to be discussed include:
  • Explain the scope of the cyber risks and their impact on businesses
  • Identify privacy and corporate governance obligations
  • Explain elements of, and options for, cyber risk control
  • Explain the scope of a data breach response plans
  • Explain the types of loss cyber insurances will indemnify
  • Address emerging cyber risk threats, e.g., Social Engineering
  • Overcoming objections in the cyber insurance sales process.​

Umbrella Excess — A Blanket of Protection? 2 hrs. P&C
Is it an umbrella or something else? What does it really cover? How do I compare one form with another? If agents are not already asking themselves these questions, they should be. This class will discuss the differences between a “true” umbrella and other excess liability policies.

The Additional Insured Illusion    2 hrs. P&C
This course examines contractual liability, additional insured, and certificates of insurance issues that are the subject of controversy in the insurance industry. Learn how to recognize the issues, understand their impact on all parties, how courts are interpreting controversies, and how to respond to claims and suits arising from the issues.

Emerging Work Comp Risks and Trends that Threaten Agents & Their Clients  3 hrs. P&C
Disruption is occurring in the workers’ compensation line across a broad range of topics and disciplines. The medical, legal, and insurance communities are being forced to take on challenges, unlike any they have ever seen or experienced. Participants will increase their awareness of the risks facing them and their clients, and more importantly, learn how to address those risks to secure improved outcomes.

When Disaster Strikes – Lessons Learned from the Front Lines  4 hrs P&C
Join Danny Cook for an agent’s perspective as he shares his first-hand experiences from Hurricane Matthew in hard-hit Lumberton, NC. This webcast will help you understand not only how this storm affected Danny’s agency, but will also discuss the benefit of first responders in the midst of rescue operations. This class will discuss coverages, claims experiences, planning perspectives and the “what if” scenarios. 

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New ABEN webcast offerings include courses on business income, cyber security, contractual liability & additional insureds, disaster recovery, excess umbrella and workers comp. Course descriptions below, and as always no travel or test required.​​​​