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Ultimate Account Manager series puts CSRs on path to excellence

In-depth look at day-to-day issues facing CSRs — Coming soon to Columbia

Much more than typical customer service training, this series takes an in-depth look at day-to-day issues facing CSRs in their quest to become extraordinary. Includes client management, responding to multiple producers, prioritizing work, E&O pitfalls, etc.  
Modules can be taken in any order!

Module 1

  • Three Key Elements to being an Ultimate Account Manager
  • Characteristics of an Ultimate Account Manager
  • Customer Service Triad
  • Workflow Management
  • Working with Producers

Module 2 

  • Desk Management techniques
  • Preparing quality submissions
  • Performing coverage comparison analysis
  • 360° view of the insurance industry
  • Tips to improve your efficiency, productivity & attitude


  • Advanced desk management techniques
  • DO NOT DO list - things to stop doing in order to improve service
  • Generations at work
  • Best practices
  • Dealing with conflict and difficult people

Diverse row of account managers, varied by age, gender and race. Female in the center is looking directly at camera with a smile, satisfied by her team.

Ultimate Account Manager 
 Modules I, II & Advanced
(Modules can be taken in ANY order)


Module 2 
Columbia, Oct. 3