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Virtual Risk Consultant: Tools to help identify customer risk

Better understand your customer's operation/exposures while identifying applicable covereages

The Big “I” Virtual Risk Consultant (VRC) provides the resources your producers and CSRs need to understand your customer’s operation and exposures while identifying applicable coverages to create thorough customer proposals and properly documented client files. These resources include E&O checklists, sales and marketing tools and proposal language, plus training and development support.

Commercial Lines Risk Exposure Evaluation System

  • Narrative overviews of operations and exposures for more than 650 businesses
  • Coverage checklists help ensure users have reviewed all pertinent exposures
  • Helps users ask the underwriting and coverage questions needed to build better product for clients
  • Explains underwriting criteria and suggests SIC, NAICS, GL and WC classification codes
  • Provides printed E&O checklists and coverage recommendations in an organized fashion
  • Provides coverage explanation template to accompany proposals

Personal Lines Risk Exposure Evaluation System

  • Narrative overviews for coastal dwellings, condos, rental properties, single-family dwellings and tenants’ exposures
  • Outlines risk-specific approach to evaluating diverse exposures (big help when pursuing new and different accounts)
  • Pre-renewal questionnaire to help identify and disclose changes that could impact clients’ coverage

Policy Forms & Manual Analysis (PF&M)

  • More than 7,000 pages of comprehensive, easy-to-use ISO and AAIS coverage form analysis and explanation with Commercial Lines Manual interpretations
  • More than 1,000 pages of court cases and decisions

Marketing & Prospecting

  • Template language for sales, surveys, cancellations and claims letters for marketing and service efforts
  • Access to articles and other content on topics important to clients for use on agency web sites, email newsletters and other electronic marketing


  • 15 users per agency or less, $250 annually
  • More than 15 users per agency, $500 annually
  • Subscribe for four years up front and only pay for three

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