New Employee Training

Our online training for new hires is on-demand, interactive, cost-effective and measurable

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We have partnered with New Level Partners to bring on-demand training to new hires and emerging leaders. (See our video below).

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New Level Partners provides us with interactive and engaging courses for insurance coverage training and other business skills for new employees and emerging leaders.  

Select a specific curriculum package based on individual needs. Exercises and quizzes provide an interactive learning experience and jump start. Individuals have four months to complete a selected curriculum, with each unit averaging 30-40 minutes long. 

Training packages include: 

  • Introduction to the Insurance Industry
  • Commercial Lines Coverage Basics
  • Personal Lines Coverage Basics
  • Advanced Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Business Communication Fundamentals
  • Client Management Essentials
  • Emerging Leaders Series


Account Manager from New Level Partners on Vimeo.


Producer from New Level Partners on Vimeo.