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Agency Membership

Independent agencies & their employees


Alternate New Member Payment Option:

Download monthly draft payment authorization form

Please do not email credit card information.

To Apply: Complete and submit online new agency membership application form.

Membership in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of South Carolina is open to insurance agencies that meet the following stipulations:

  • Are actively engaged in the property and casualty insurance business
  • Have one or more SC resident P/C licensed agents in their office
  • Have the legal ability to represent more than one insurance company
  • Operate solely on a commission basis as independent contractors of property and casualty insurance companies, maintaining separate offices
  • Agency owns a majority of its policy expirations and/or renewal rights.

Membership applications are subject to approval by the IIABSC Board of Directors. 

New member applications will not be considered without a full annual dues payment (dues schedule below, can be pro-rated). You can also make this payment online with Mastercard, Visa or American Express.

START-UP DISCOUNT: Start-up agencies can get a 50% dues discount for the first two years of membership. A start-up agency is defined as one that has opened its doors or started a property and casualty side within the past two years.


Build - Grow - Thrive with the Big "I"

​​​IIABSC provides members with the tools, knowledge and protection 
needed to serve clients effectively and build a successful agency.

Agency membership benefits include:

  1. Information & resources 
    View Resources tab, Publications pages, knowledgeable staff​
  2. Market-access programs   
    View Insurance coverage for your clients pages

  3. Branding program   
    View Trusted ChoiceProjectCap pages under Resources tab
  4. Additional products & services   
    View Coverage for your agency pages as well as Non-insurance products pages
  5. Professional development & industry events    
    View Education pages and Events pages
  6. Leadership opportunities  
    View Young Agents programExecutive Leadership program, Committee and Board of Directors pages     

IIABSC membership dues are based on the total number of employees at all agency locations (main location + all branch locations).

“Employee” includes all officers, owners, partners, producers, and other licensed or unlicensed employees and independent contractors who further the work of the agency or brokerage firm, wherever located, whether involved with insurance, employee benefits, or other financial services of the agency (Leased employees should be counted as employees).

Full-time employees (working 30+ hours per week) should be counted as “1” and part-time employees (less than 30 hours per week) should be counted as “.5”. The final total should be rounded up, if necessary (an agency with 10.5 total employees would pay dues for 11 employees).

​Employee count Dues
​1-3  $730​
​4 $890​
​5 $1,016​
​6 $1,115​
​7 $1,214​
​8 $1,341​
​9 $1,440​
​Employee Count Dues​
10​ ​$1,664
​11 ​$1,763
​12 ​$1,862
​13 ​$1,961
​14 ​$2,060
​15 ​$2,159
​16 ​$2,258
​Employee Count Dues​
17​ ​$2,357
​18 ​$2,456
​19 ​$2,555
​20 ​$2,654
​21 ​$2,725
​22+ ​​$2,725+22
/per employee
> 21


By paying your membership dues, you are agreeing to accept and adhere to the Trusted Choice® Licensing Agreement and Pledge of Performance.

View/ download Trusted Choice Licensing Agreement

You may opt out by emailing