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Apply for Membership

Regular agency membership

Membership in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of South Carolina is open to insurance agencies that meet the following stipulations:

  • Are actively engaged in the insurance business
  • Have one or more SC resident licensed agents in their office
  • Have the legal ability to represent more than one insurance company
  • Operate solely on a commission basis as independent contractors of insurance companies, maintaining separate offices
  • Agency owns a majority of its policy expirations and/or renewal rights.

Please view our  Agency Membership page under the Resources tab to apply. 

Corporate associate membership

Corporate Associate affiliation is for any organization that doesn't qualify for regular membership, including non-agents.

Please view our Corporate Associate Membership page under the Resources tab.

Palmetto Partners Program

Those who are looking to support our association's mission and activities on a higher level should investigate our Palmetto Partners program, which provides a variety of valuable benefits including high-profile, year-long exposure to our agency members. Partnership also includes corporate associate membership.