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Errors & Omissions

Primarily underwritten through Westport Insurance Corporation, a member of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. However we utilize more than 30 admitted and nonadmitted markets to bring you the best coverage for your agency.

See below for Coverage Comparison Checklist and information on the SC Standard of Care.

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Prevent. Protect. Prosper.

Our risk-management resources keep your agency from making common and preventable mistakes. Our superior coverage and expert claims teams are in your corner in the event of a claim. Also includes information about a 10% premium credit.

E&O Coverage Checklist

Compare the Big 'I' Professional Liability Program through SwissRe/Westport and see why our track record of experience, stability and expertise is second to none. Since there is no standard E&O policy, a coverage comparison is critically important.

Moberg Group's Operational Efficiency Reviews

SwissRe/Westport provides a five-year 10 percent premium credit for completion and compliance with the Review Program. The Moberg Group, specialists in agency management, operations, procedures, E&O loss control and agency acquisitions & mergers are available to perform these reviews. Reviews now include agency website review for an additional five percent credit.

Is your website doing more harm than good?

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions claims team has put together a series of dos and don'ts for agency websites in response to recent cases where content on the agency's website was unintentionally detrimental to their defense in E&O claims. Use the following guidelines from risk management professionals in creating and reviewing your agency website’s content.

E&O Education Online

In short, our ABEN online learning platform is simple, easy to use and affordable. Most of the E&O courses qualify for the 10% premium credits, and several of them also offer Ethics CE credit. Webcasts are live, and they system allows you to take notes and submit questions to the instructor. The best part is that no test is required.

Should You Issue ‘Blank’ Certificates of Insurance?

From the Big 'I' Virtual University: A contractor asks an agent for a certificate of insurance without a certificate holder name so he can provide it as proof of insurance. The agent says they will issue a COI to anyone at the contractor’s request, but can’t provide one for him to hand out, as has always been the policy.