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​Diversity is an often-avoided way to grow sales because it takes you and your staff out of their comfort zone, and there is plenty of opportunity... to make mistakes!

Those who venture out are rewarded because embracing the diversity of your community is one of the most enduring ways to grow your customer base. It also makes you a better citizen, and "community" is something independent agents do well. 

To guide you along, our national association enlisted the help of Kelly McDonald, author of How to Market to People Not Like You, and created an ABEN webcast series free to agency members.

Learn more on the series webpage

The Diversity Marketing webcast series focuses on age, gender and ethnicity, but embracing diversity is about much more than that. It is about the different viewpoints, lifestyles, affluence, religious beliefs, values and interests held by the individuals in your community.

Your agency marketing can no longer be "one size fits all." The general market no longer exists.