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Remember to renew your license in the new year

In 2020, ACORD began charging all forms users a licensing fee. As a member benefit our national association funds ACORD form end user licenses for the majority of member agencies (those with a group gross property/casualty revenue of under $50 million), allowing them to claim these licenses free of charge. 

ACORD-circle.png AT A GLANCE:

  • IIABA covers the EUL fee of agency members with annual P&C gross revenue of <$50 million accessing ACORD forms via ams or authorized third-party.

  • IIABSC members with annual P&C gross revenue <$1 million that do not use an AMS get discounts to access through ACORD Advantage Plus Program.

  • Only one representative per agency needs to obtain an ACORD license for the agency.  Reps will validate their Big I membership during this annual process.

  • Different locations that have the same name only need one license.  Different locations with different names or different ams systems will need their own license.

  • Agencies do not need to worry about third-party data compliance with ACORD, as no client PII will be accessible.

  • National Big I FAQ page includes a FREE 10-minute recorded webinar outlining the entire process. See link below. 


More background on ACORD Forms is available at, and members can also call ACORD directly at (845) 620-1700.

Please contact Anita Trevino with any questions about your agency's online IIABA profile validating your agency's membership.