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Best Practices webinar series

FREE 15-minute webinars on topics relevant to an agency's Best Practices culture

Best Practices webinar banner 

Any agency looking to improve its performance should participate in our series of 15-minute webinars by our national association's Best Practices team on topics relevant to creating success in key areas of importance to agency operations.

Best Practices research gives agencies and the industry, key benchmarks and operational information for growth, profitability, productivity and financial stability.


Past webinars, available on demand:

Key Data – What to Watch – What To Be Concerned About

Sales Velocity 

Navigating Unconscious Biases to Enhance Your Agency's Success 

Technology Insights

The Buyer Coverage Ratio: Important Perpetuation Metrics

Weighted Average Shareholder Age (WASA)

Annual Best Practices Study Update Highlights 

These short webinars are a great place to learn more about Best Practices and the multitude of ways this research can be used to aid in agency management, and the end goal of increasing agency value. We encourage you to consider attending one or more of these webinars to gain additional insight into the Best Practices Agency culture.