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Virtual University

Access Big "I" Virtual University
(You will need IIABSC website login)

IIABSC agency members have access to our online resource of insurance, business and technology articles as well as sample ISO forms, white papers and other information on issues affecting today's insurance marketplace.

Hot topics to be found include Certificates of Insurance and where you reside HO issue, disaster information and Best Practices as well as an "Ask an Expert" service. 

Corporate Associate members must have a subscription to access to the Big "I" VU.

Information resources include:

  • Agency Management articles
  • Commercial Lines articles
  • Personal Lines articles
  • Ask an Expert files
  • Non CE webinars
Featured VU Sections:

This area archives all the coronavirus articles put out by the VU in the past year. Latest include new CDC mask guidelines, increased cost of building materials, BI coverage issues, property loss provisions, etc.

This area provides resources that can be used in developing an approach to the meaningful recruitment, training and retention of the new talent needed by member agencies.
All insurance policies are not the same, regardless of what the media or advertisements say, and insurance is not a commodity where the only material difference is price. This VU special section gathers information and tools to help Big "I" members combat the low-cost advertising that results in consumers buying inferior products. 

Sample articles include:
  • Price Check
  • Autos, Crimes and Racing... really, insurance is not a commodity
  • Do HO policies have to become commoditized too?

Basics & Beyond webcasts

​​​​​ABEN webcasts and the Big 'I' Virtual University have partnered together to create a new series of webcasts to start participants at the basics of insurance and then take them beyond to advanced knowledge. These webcasts will be filed and offered individually so that they can be taken in any order or on their own as well as several series package options.

Ask An Expert

Ask an Expert is perhaps the best feature of the Big 'I' Virtual University. It is for members that are looking for specific information they can't find in the Research Library or Student Lounge.

"Is Insurance a Commodity" resource page

In an effort to help agents combat widespread advertising touting price as being the only difference between insurance policies with the result of consumers buying inferior products, IIABA's Virtual University created a special resource page 'Is Insurance a Commodity?' with links to webinars and both VU and outside articles.

Talent Recruitment and Development resource page

Talent management is a key component of agency success, and the Virtual University (VU) started a new section to help member agents develop an approach to meaningful recruitment, training and retention of new talent. Still in its beginning stages, the area features hiring, development and resources pages as well as guides for creating internship programs, articles on hiring practices and over 25 sample job descriptions.