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Trusted Choice Programs

Most popular programs

  • Marketing Reimbursement Program. Funds are available to assist agents with their marketing efforts. A total of up to $1,500 is available for things like co-branded marketing efforts, website upgrades with one of our preferred partners and signing up for an Advantage subscription on

  • Digital Review. This program takes a look at your agency website and gives you a detailed report with actionable steps to take to make your site easier to use and turn up higher in search engine results.

  • Content to Share. If you need ideas for your next social media post, our content library can help. There are several ready to use items specifically formatted for social media or email use including images, articles and infographics. Things are always being added so check back often! 

  • Custom Marketing Campaigns. Includes fully developed marketing campaigns highlighting the value of an independent agent. Each campaign includes a wide range of content including magazine ads, billboards, radio and TV spots and web ads. All can be customized to include your agency’s logo.  

To view the full suite of Trusted Choice programs visit
 Trusted Choice logo with "You need an inndependent insurance agent" tagline

Visit the Trusted Choice homepage

After reviewing the Pledge of Performance, the next best place to go is the Trusted Choice Agents Resource Center (  Here, you can access logo files, marketing materials, training resources and so much more. 

Download logos
View/download logos in various styles and formats for digital and print use. Contact our Director of Communications if you need help with specific formats.

Access Marketing Campaign Materials
Trusted Choice® has created and consumer-tested several advertising Campaigns, and as a Trusted Choice® independent agent, you are licensed to use all campaign materials freely and co-brand them with your agency's information.  

Customizable campaign materials include print ads, television ads, radio ads, web banners, self-mailers, postcards and more.

Current campaigns include: "Let's Talk!," a campaign against distracted driving, and the Freedom Campaign that shows independent agents are not tied down and free to do what's right for consumers.
Digital Review of Your Agency Website & Social Media
Is your website optimized? Need some help with social media? Our Digital Reviews provide a one-on-one consultation and detailed report on how you can improve your agency website and social media outlets. You'll walk away with an actionable report that spells out your next steps.

The agency's designated Trusted Choice Principal should have automatic access to the Agents Resource Center.  Contact us if you have problems logging in.

The Agents Resource Center also features Advertising 101, a toolkit with step-by-step strategies to create the right message, form a plan and create the perfect pitch!

Trusted Choice's Advertising 101 for agents can be found at the Trusted Choice Agents Resource Center.

In order to support your agency's branding efforts, Trusted Choice reimburses some of your associated costs each year. 

New members and first-time MRP applicants are reimbursed on materials such as business cards, letterhead or agency signage. 

All members are eligible for $500 in reimbursement for purchasing a new website from one of our preferred partners. Each partner offers something a little different so agents can find a company that meets their specific needs. Demos available upon request. More details can be found at and any questions can be sent to

All first-time advantage subscribers are reimbursed for their first three months of participation in the Advantage Program giving them access to leads from our consumer website.

All MRP funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Agencies with multiple locations may submit separate MRP applications for each location.

Trusted Choice logo on a long blue triangle background


  • Reimursements will not be made for ongoing expenses such as website hosting/maintenance, directory listings, subscriptions to marketing services, expenses for yellow pages ads or other phone-book advertising.


Option One: Trusted Choice will reimburse 50 percent of your total spent for use of the Trusted Choice logo on any consumer-focused items. Maximum reimbursement is $750. For new members or first-time MRP applicants only.

This includes, but it not limited to: Freedom Campaign materials, promotional items, original advertising, business cards, etc.  Send questions or pre-approvals to

Option Two:  Trusted Choice will reimburse you $500 for upgrading your website with any of our preferred partners. More info can be found on

Option Three:  Trusted Choice will reimburse 50 percent of your total spent for upgrading your agency listing to become an Advantage Subscriber.  Maximum reimbursement is $250. Available to any agent who has not been a subscriber in the past 24 months.