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Programs to help you co-brand your agency with Trusted Choice®

Learn more about Trusted Choice resources at the links below. 

  • Freedom Campaign. Details about our new advertising campaign are available here. 
  • Digital media. Alongside the new advertsing campaign Trusted Choice is also targeting online consumers specifically looking for insurance information on websites other than
  • Marketing Reimbursement Program. Thinking of participating in the above campaigns? Have any other recent expenses related to co-branding with Trusted Choice? Check out this program granting licensed member agencies up to $1,250 back on branding expenses.
  • Agents Resource Center. Go here to download Trusted Choice logos and customizable Freedom Campaign materials.  
 Trusted Choice logo with "You need an inndependent insurance agent" tagline

​Trusted Choice® has created and consumer-tested its new Freedom Campaign, which tells consumers that you are free to do what’s right for them because you aren’t tied down to any one company and therefore can offer more options.

As a Trusted Choice® independent agent, you are licensed to use all campaign materials freely and co-brand them with your agency's information. Access campaign materials through the new Trusted Choice® Agents Resource Center at

Materials targeting commercial lines​ consumers are also available.

Customizable campaign materials include:

  • print ads,
  • radio ads,
  • web banners,
  • self-mailers,
  • letters and 
  • postcards.
  This sample printed advert from the Freedom Campaign includes space for you to customize with your agency's information.


The Freedom Campaign is consumer tested:


"The first thing I thought was: I really need to look at my current policy."
84 percent of sample group agree after seeing the ads that independent agents are better suited to fulfill their insurance needs.
"It gets me thinking: am I limited right now with my choices? Am I paying too much?"
78 percent were more likely to use Trusted Choice Independent Agents.
Access campaign materials at the new
Agents Resource Center:

The freedom campaign offers licensed member agencies the option of purchasing digital banner advertising at wholesale rates. These ads are displayed adjacent to content on eligible websites, and can be customized and linked to your website, social media profiles or your Project Cap enhanced profile on

The display banner ads are targeted based on age, gender, web behavior and location. Some of the websites consumers could see your ads are YouTube, The Weather Channel, and, just to name a few.

Display Banner Advertising image shows where Freedom Campaign ads would appear in relation to other content.


View customizable banner ads with Freedom Campaign materials on the Agents Resource Center at



National and state-wide media buys are very cost efficient, and consumer reach is efficient and easier to track. You will receive monthly and post-campaign reporting included through impressions, clicks, click-through rate, cost per thousand impressions and cost per click.

  • Drive qualified traffic to your website
  • $3,000 investment ($750 of which is funded by MRP program)
  • Target customers within a three to five zip code area
  • Three-month flights (first flight is April-June)
  • 800,000 estimated impressions
  • 400 estimated clicks
  • Additional $3,000 increments can be purchased to increase reach and add additional zip codes

For more information and to sign up, contact Kiescha Cherry at 800.221.7917 x5443.




Why use display banner ads?

78 percent of the US population regularly uses the internet

24 percent of adults age 25-54 have searched online in the past six months for information on home/auto and/or life insurance.

In order to support your agency's branding efforts, Trusted Choice® reimburses some of your associated costs each year. 

New members and first-time MRP applicants are reimbursed on materials such as business cards, letterhead or agency signage. 

All members are reimbursed in the creation or updating of a digital presence to include the Trusted Choice logo, link to consumer website and Pledge of Performance. Additional reimbursement tiers provide support for those agencies that participate in the current advertising and/or wholesale digital media campaigns.

All MRP funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Agencies with multiple locations may submit separate MRP applications for each location.​

Trusted Choice logo on a long blue triangle background

Also (see MRP guidelines​ for details):

  • Reimursements will not be made for ongoing expenses such as website hosting/maintenance, directory listings, subscriptions to marketing services, expenses for yellow pages ads or other phone-book advertising.

  • Tier one reimbursements for items such as advertising, agency signs, business cards, letterhead or promotional items are limited to new Trusted Choice members or first-time MRP users only.

  • Tier two reimbursements for updating your agency's digital presence (website, mobile app, social media) require a "website/social media checkup," provided by Trusted Choice.


Download 2017 MRP guidelines & application​

send questions or pre-approvals to​

Tier One: Trusted Choice will reimburse 50 percent of your total spent for use of the Trusted Choice logo on any consumer-focused items. Maximum reimbursement is $750. For new members or first-time MRP applicants only.

This includes, but it not limited to, FReedom Campaign materials, promotional items, original advertising, business cards, etc.

Tier Two:  Trusted Choice will reimburse 50 percent of your total spent for digital upgrade (updates to agency website, social media, mobile app) using a web developer/ vendor. Maximum reimbursement is $500.

Download all versions of the Trusted Choice® logos and customizable advertising campaign materials from the Agents Resource Center (, accessible to your designated agency's Trusted Choice Principal.  

This groupsite also features Advertising 101, a toolkit with everything you need to plan, develop and budget for smart, effective advertising.

Trusted Choice's Advertising 101 for agents can be found at the Trusted Choice Agents Resource Center.

Contact us (email or call 803.731.9460) if you have problems accessing the site.