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Expert advice on how to respond to increasing interest rates. This article covers what parts of agency financing that interest rates will and won't affect, agency values, agency loans and cash management. [more]
Agents that have tried and failed to obtain auto insurance for a SC client within the past 60 days and have registered with the Associated Auto Insurers Plan of South Carolina (AAIPSC) may apply for coverage under the state's auto assigned risk plan. [more]
The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) Security Issues Work Group has collected several resources all on one place to help you protect your agency against tomorrow's threats. Review their Security Issues Guide to understand risks, discover solutions and check out the wealth of resources available. Summarized pocket version also available for download. [more]
The Big “I” Virtual Risk Consultant (VRC) provides the resources your producers and CSRs need to understand your customer’s operation and exposures while identifying applicable coverages to create thorough customer proposals and properly documented client files. These resources include E&O checklists, sales and marketing tools and proposal language, plus training and development support. Get a demo and learn more at [more]
This online guide by IIABA's Best Practices study provides direction to help you to confidently and efficiently provide meaningful, valuable and profitable customer service as a foundation of your business. [more]
Flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program is constantly changing. A new series of short videos explains the key elements of changes to the NFIP effective April 1, 2017 along with other resources for future updates. [more]
Save costs by hiring a 'pre-retired' industry veteran to work remotely with WAHVE, or post openings and search resumes of other professionals using the Big 'I' Career Center. [more]
Retirement doesn't have to be the end of your career and earning potential. WAHVE helps retirees supplement their income on their terms with a second career in the insurance industry. [more]
Commercial lines consumers can now be targeted with Trusted Choice Freedom Campaign materials. Select and customize materials for free through the Agency Resource Center and get up to &850 back on expenses through the Marketing Reimbursement Program. [more]
Did you know that DocuSign is used by 11 of the top 15 insurance carriers? DocuSign is the global standard for eSignature®, which is why the IIABA (the Big 'I') has endorsed DocuSign as the official electronic signature platform for our members. [more]
Boats, even small ones, are complicated to take out of storage, even from a secure facility. The bigger the boat or ship, the more that needs to be checked and prepped. Big 'I' Markets partner Chubb is sharing their updated 'Coming Out of Lay-Up' tip sheet, along with a full length 'Coming Out of Lay-Up' brochure. Developed by Chubb's team of highly experienced marine specialists, these education resources are designed to help yacht and boat owners store their vessels safely over the winter and ensure readiness for spring. [more]
Insurbanc, the bank for independent agents founded by independent agents, has been publishing a series of video interviews on financial issues important for agency management. Topics include agency perpetuation, current agency merger market and more. [more]
As technology becomes more ingrained, it is important to have the tools to meet consumers’ digital habits, particularly in their willingness to receive documents electronically. When implemented correctly, electronic delivery can save time and money while meeting consumer preferences and reducing legal exposures. Our forms and procedures template is compliant with the federal eSIGN Act. [more]
More than half (55%) of the top-performing agencies studied by our national association to identify best practices use Caliper for pre-employment assessments, talent development or transforming corporate culture, all while taking advantage of their Big 'I' member discount. [more]
Advocating on behalf of customers after the denial of a claim is something that most agents see as part of the value proposition they bring to customers. It is also considered by E&O defense attorneys as one of the most dangerous things agents could do when it comes to E&O claims. See the Big 'I' Professional Liability and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions webinar 'Avoiding E&O Exposure When Advocating for Customer Claims.' [more]
Most motorists assume if they have “full coverage” on their vehicle, they’re fully covered. Yet roughly one in eight drivers is uninsured or underinsured. An RLI Excess Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) Endorsement ensures coverage for your customer in the event they are injured in an accident caused by the owner or operator of an uninsured or underinsured vehicle. [more]
Today’s legal environment calls for extra protection for almost all your clients. Ask every new and current customer about a Personal Umbrella Policy and use these claims scenarios to illustrate the protection it offers [more]
Big 'I' membership offers access to RLI's Personal Umbrella Policy and Home Business Insurance products. Informing your clients about these coverages is easy through their free, customizable marketing materials. [more]
RLI's personal umbrella and in-home business policies are a smart choice for your customer for the protection it offers and a smart choice for your agency come claims time. [more]
Our E&O program provides superior customer service and expertise by IIABSC, and the program's national oversight committee is comprised of Big 'I' members. [more]
Don't let a bad driving record deter you from offering an umbrella. RLI Insurance will accept most households with up to four violations and three at-fault accidents without requiring a motor vehicle report. Big “I” members have access to two highly rated personal umbrella carriers. Access both from our website. [more]
The Insurance Career Center is a great site to promote your entry-level jobs and internships. Your postings are automatically pushed to thousands of InVEST graduates, promoted to more than 100 colleges offering insurance and risk management degrees and shared with other young talent looking to jump into the insurance industry. [more]
Big 'I' Professional Liability's Fireman’s Fund agency E&O policy waives deductibles for agencies remaining claims-free and continuously insured for five years. [more]
Providing excess coverage that includes protection over top of your E&O coverage, the Penn National Insurance Agents’ Umbrella Program is the icing on the cake. Contact the IIABSC Agency for details. [more]