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More than half of national Best Practices agencies use Caliper

Tool that identifies/ maximizes top talent for your agency

​More than half (55%) of the top-performing agencies studied by our national association to identify best practices use Caliper for pre-employment assessments, talent development or transforming corporate culture.​

Best practices agencies know that the bigger you want to be, the better you need to manage your best asset, which is of course, your people. Caliper does that. Their most requested service is the Caliper profile, to identify which candidates have the greatest potential to succeed and make your most informed, confident hiring decisions.

Agency members receive $50 off a Caliper Profile (final price $245) and 10 percent off other products. Associate members receive $25 off a Caliper Profile (final price $270) and 5 percent off other products.

Order by calling 609.524.1200 and identifying yourself as an IIABA/IIABSC member. 

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Caliper helps you manage your top business asset, your people.

Caliper helps you analyze your top business asset, your people.