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Take another look at RLI PUP & home business insurance policies

See how you can write more business with an admitted, secure, A+ rated carrier

​A smart choice for your customer
Today’s legal environment calls for extra protection for almost all your clients. Ask every new and current customer about Personal Umbrella and Home Business Insurance coverage.

A smart choice for your agency
By making customers aware of these important extra layers of protection, you won’t have to answer the big E&O question: “If extra coverage was available, why didn’t you offer it to your client before this accident?”​

 Take another look at RLI

The RLI Personal Umbrella Policy
(learn more​)

  • Financial stability and responsible underwriting are the foundations of this program that has been consistently available for over 25 years.
  • Up to $5 million in additional insurance
  • $1 million Excess UM/UIM available
  • Expanded underwriting – more acceptability
  • No underlying carrier information required
  • Immediate availability & very affordable

The RLI Home Business Insurance Policy (learn more)

  • Homeowner’s policies, even with home business endorsements, don’t adequately cover home businesses. They need RLI’s Home Business Insurance.
  • True BOP coverage for home businesses
  • Full year of coverage – includes events, fairs & shows
  • Coverage applies on and off premises
  • Very low premiums