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InsurAcademy Online Training Program

Six-week training to become a licensed insurance agent


InsurAcademy, produced by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of SC, is a comprehensive training program to make individuals "job ready" to work as a Customer Service Representative in a South Carolina independent insurance agency.

Designed for:


PHASE I - Prelicensing:   July 15-26, 2024

PHASE II - Skills Training:   August 12-23, 2024

Two Learning Phases




InsurAcademy's high-quality and comprehensive curriculum features live virtual training, enabling you to pursue your new career as an independent insurance agency CSR while still maintaining some flexibility to accommodate your current work/life demands. Plus, because all of the training is done online through a state-of-the-art virtual learning platform, you can attend InsurAcademy from anywhere!

After graduation, you will receive job placement assistance if you are not currently employed with an independent agency.  All graduates will also receive a 12 month Professional Development plan to continue their learning process.

InsurAcademy provides students the best insurance educators in South Carolina. Our faculty brings a collective 200+ years of experience as insurance agents and trainers. The comprehensive education and training curriculum has been developed by IIABSC's professional development staff, which is recognized nationally as a premier provider of insurance education.

If you’re looking to start a career that will change your life for the better, register for InsurAcademy today!




  • InsurAcademy is offered quarterly. Each session has two phases that run for two consecutive weeks. There is a two to three week break between each phase.
  • All live, virtual instruction.

  • There may be periodic networking events that students will be encouraged to attend in order to meet and network with peers as well as veteran CSRs and others within the independent agency industry. 


Weeks 1 – 2: Take the SC Pre-Licensing Course, offered online with live, interactive instruction from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Monday-Friday. Upon completion, students will be prepared to take the SC  Property & Casualty Producer Licensing Exam.

BREAK (2 - 3 Weeks): Study for and take the SC Property & Casualty producer licensing exam at one of the licensing centers around the state. (No scheduled classes during this time)


Weeks 3 - 4: Specialized, vocational training offered online in a combination of live and on-demand courses which will prepare students for work as a CSR in an independent insurance agency (includes more advanced insurance coverage education, training on agency management systems and comparative raters, experience completing ACORD forms, soft skills related to customer service, email and business etiquette, phone skills, and more).


Graduates also receive a 12-month professional development / continuing education plan from IIABSC to ensure continued learning and CE compliance during their career. 


Now is a great time to find a position in an independent insurance agency due to the large number of CSRs retiring and many agencies being in growth mode and adding positions to their staff. 

Upon successfully completing the InsurAcademy program and securing the necessary insurance licenses, all students will be guaranteed at least one interview with an independent insurance agency in South Carolina. 

Students will also have access to an exclusive job board featuring agencies that are actively hiring for CSRs and wish to interview InsurAcademy graduates.


2024 InsurAcademy Dates:

February 5 - March 15
April 8 - May 24
July 15 - Aug 23
Sept 30 - Nov 15

InsurAcademy programs will be held quarterly in 2024 .  Registration is now open for the session that begins in February.


The tuition fee for InsurAcademy is valued at $1,500 but thanks to scholarship opportunities from the IIABSC Foundation, students who are not currently affiliated with an agency in SC and are accepted into InsurAcademy through our application process can attend FOR FREE.  Current IIABSC  member agency affiliated candidates pay a reduced tuition fee of $1,350. 

The only expenses incurred by scholarship students will be:
* $45 for course materials
* SC licensing fee which is currently $25
* Fingerprint fee of $51
* Exam fee of $59 (SC Property, Casualty, Surety & Marine Insurance Producer - InsSC-PCSM04). 

However, upon successfully passing the licensing exam, InsurAcademy will reimburse students the exam fee, fingerprinting fee and licensing fee. The course materials will be reimbursed once the student takes the licensing exam. 


  • You must be a resident of South Carolina.
  • You must be able to pass a criminal background check. 
  • Must be 24 years or older, have a high school diploma and at least 2 years of work experience (does not have to be insurance related).
  • Must have a reliable computer with Internet access.
  • Must be able to commit a minimum of four hours/day Monday-Friday for a combination of on-demand and scheduled learning sessions (will take place between the hours of 8:30 am – 12:30 pm) during each InsurAcademy session. You will also need to commit additional time to study the materials covered during the on-demand and scheduled learning sessions.
  • You must participate in class with your camera ON. You need to be in a quiet place that is free from distractions. If you do not have your camera on, you will not be able to participate in the class. 
  • You must sit for the licensing exam BEFORE you will be allowed to attend Phase II.
  • Review the SC licensing requirements to ensure that you are qualified to become a licensed insurance producer:
    • Applicants accepted into InsurAcademy will need to complete an insurance licensure application to the South Carolina Department of Insurance and submit fingerprints for a criminal history background check.
    • The Department must receive and review the application, the criminal history background record, and supporting documentation from any background or screening questions to activate the new producer's license. 


InsurAcademy students will learn from the best insurance educators in our state and the industry. Our faculty brings a collective 200+ years of experience as both insurance agents and trainers. The comprehensive education and training curriculum has been developed by the professional development staff of our sister association in North Carolina, which is recognized nationally as a premier provider of insurance education.


What InsurAcademy students are saying:

"Loved my experience with InsurAcademy…the pace of the licensing course was very manageable and really gave me the opportunity to absorb the information needed to pass the test. The practical agency training offered in Phase 2 provided more insight into an insurance career and  left us with helpful information to make a smoother transition. I highly recommend this program!"  
Tracy Weber - InsurAcademy Graduate (2023)

“I was so grateful when I was given the opportunity to attend InsurAcademy. The training I received at InsurAcademy not only helped me obtain my P&C license, it has given me the opportunity to secure a career as a Commercial Lines Account Manager with one of the best agencies in South Carolina. Hats off to Becky McCormack and the team at the BIG I of SC."    
James Santos – InsurAcademy Graduate (2022)

“InsurAcademy was a wonderful experience for me. This class is taught by real professionals in the industry who know everything (and everyone) related to insurance. I attended class every day, took a lot of notes, and passed the exam my first try. The second section of InsurAcademy is like on-the-job training. Guest instructors who work in insurance share their stories and knowledge to help you prepare for a career in Insurance. InsurAcademy will also help you find a job with an independent agency, whether you are a Producer or CSR. I had multiple job offers and requests for interviews upon completing the program. It really gave me a leg up over the competition. Now, after 9 months on the job I am very happy where I landed. I have learned so much and am fast on my way to success."  
Daniel Hall – InsurAcademy Graduate (2022)

“I have just completed InsurAcademy a few weeks ago, and my experience was very positive. The course majorly helped me pass the required exam and I've now secured a job that aligns with my goals. I would definitely recommend this course to others. My sister has just submitted her application for the next class after my positive experience and our cousin also completed the course and has secured a job as well. I also am coming from the restaurant industry where there are many talented individuals who are often seeking opportunities, I am hoping to refer a few of them to the class too. I hope that sharing my experience can be valuable to others looking to advance their careers and/or explore new opportunities."    
Julia Rutledge – InsurAcademy Graduate - 2023 

“I took InsurAcademy with no prior knowledge or experience in the insurance world, but the wonderful and helpful instructors gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to start my career in the industry! InsurAcademy is filled with caring instructors such as Becky McCormack, who stopped at nothing to help me succeed and thrive. InsurAcademy has exceeded my expectations, and sent me off into the insurance industry ready and prepared!"  
Marti Stegall – InsurAcademy Graduate – 2023

What Big I SC members are saying:
“I just wanted to let you know that the InsurAcademy was such a great online training program for our new hire. She passed the test the first time around and she has learned so much through this academy. We were very impressed and are hoping to use it again in the future. 
Teresa Henry - Administrative Operations Manager – CWS Insurance, Spartanburg, SC

“We had two of our new employees go through the licensing class and it was well worth their time. They both felt they were extremely prepared and passed without any trouble. They also said the live discussion was really helpful rather than having to learn solely on their own. I will definitely send future new hires through this class!"  
Gus Brabham – Principal – Brabham Griffin Insurance, Columbia, SC