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Recapture your share of the insurance market

​​​ is an initiative to help member agents regain market share online using a national website targeting consumers.

There are several levels of participation at Learn more from the tabs below


Why online? Well, because recent studies indicate that 75 percent of consumers start their search for insurance online. We're not encouraging consumers to shop around online, we're simply meeting them where they already are.

Click on video​ to learn how Advantage Subscriber program is not a leads program, but instead provides online referrals.

Scroll down for info on:

  • ​Consumer website
  • Agency Nation website
  • Advantage Subscription plans
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Digital ad campaign is unlike any other website currently available to insurance prospects. Others offer consumer research and rate comparisons, but no others present the unique combination of information and rating along with the selection of a local independent agent advocate on their behalf. 


 ​View, consumer website

Content you can use
Before anything else, online consumers are looking for information, and they will definitely find it at Content is sorted into four major categories: Auto, Home, Life and ​Business.

Any Trusted Choice agency is licensed to use any content found on the consumer website in their own agency communications with consumers.

And like every agency website should, all articles have a clear statement that the information is not intended to provide advice, that instead they should contact their local independent insurance agents for assistance concerning their available options.

"Agency Directory" tool
All IIABSC member agencies who have signed the Trusted Choice Licensing Agreement will appear in the search results of this tool. Advantage subscribers​ will have enhanced profiles and be marked as recommended agencies.​

"Request a quote" tool
Consumers can get online quotes on their home, auto and/or business insurance from participating carriers through the "Get a Quote" tool on

The consumer finishes their online search by selecting a a local Trusted Choice agent with whom to finish the process.  Only agencies who subscribe to the Advantage Plan (personal lines and commercial lines options) will show in the search results.

​The Agency Nation website is a new resource powered by dedicated to helping you grow your agency by providing structured training exercises on specific sales, marketing and automation activities to grow your business.​​


It is domain-separated from​ so we don’t confuse consumers or Google, thereby compromise our branding or SEO strategy. It is related to and the Trusted Choice brand without being a sales platform for the Advantage Plan. Things you can expect to find include:

  • Blog posts with titles like “What is SEO, how does it work and why does it matter?” and “5 simple things you can do to drive more traffic to your agency website next month” and “How does actively participating on improve your agency’s search rank on Google”, “How does attract web traffic and what kinds of consumers go there”, etc.

  • Videos on subjects like “Success Stories from Three Agencies that Do Digital Right” and “Responding to new customer inquiries in internet time” and “How phone trees can turn off internet prospects” and “How to maximize the effectiveness of your Agency Profile on,” etc.
  • Podcasts of interviews with industry leaders like carrier executives, association executives, prominent agents, etc.
  • A library of training materials detailing everything related to participating on in downloadable PDF format, etc.

  • Infographics that explain how Social Media works and how agents can tie into these organic networks to market their agencies, etc.

  • Discussion threads where agents can pose their own topics and ideas and/or respond to others’ posts with comments, feedback, etc.

Content includes:
  • blog posts
  • videos
  • podcasts & interviews
  • training materials library
  • infographics
  • discussion threads

You need to subscribe to's Advantage Plan in order for consumers to find your agency using the "Get a Quote" tool on the consumer website. You can target either or both personal lines and commercial lines prospects.

Subscribers also have an enhanced agency profile in "Find an Agent" tool search results that include details such as hours of operation, staff profiles, testimonials and video links. These enhanced profiles not only differentiate their agency from the competition, but they show up higher in "Find a Local Agent" search results regardless of distance.​

The first 30 seconds of any inbound sales call sets the tone for the entire customer experience. In that short time, agencies can either earn valuable new business or portray themselves unfavorably among potential clients.

Trusted Choice® aims to help members make those seconds count with The Power of 30 Seconds™, an online training tool designed to help you convert inbound sales calls into clients. 

The program coaches agents on creating and managing an inbound sales process for their agencies, training them on how to:

  • Establish an effective call workflow.
  • Provide a positive customer experience.
  • Manage phone system automation. 
Members can also earn a certificate of completion by testing their knowledge with a post-training quiz. Encourage others to get certified today with The Power of 30 Seconds toolkit (link at right).


​IIABSC has invested in an ongoing digital media campaign to help consumers looking online for insurance coverage find your agency by way of the consumer website,

Running for three months in the spring and then again for three months in the fall, Trusted Choice Freedom Campaign display banner ads appeared to South Carolina consumers viewing websites such as YouTube, The Weather Channel and

Sponsored content will also display to our target markets on Facebook​ during that same time.

These banner ads were targeted based on age, web behavior and location. Throughout the year they are estimated to yield 20.5 million impressions and more than 10,000 visits by consumers to our website,

Most importantly, the response to these ads was be tracked closely and consistently optimized for maximum performance. That means that Trusted Choice sees what gets a response from consumers and then does more of what was successful. This capacity is the strength of digital campaigns.

Agencies who are  Advantage Subscribers of receive the maximum benefit of our investment.


Display banner ads are adjacent to content on third-party websites.

Social media ads are placed on Facebook newsfeeds and sponsored content section.

Who are we targeting?

Adults 25-54 who are:

  • entering lifestages such as getting married, having a baby, buying a home or car
  • geo-targeted in a three to five zip-code range