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Featuring well-known instructors

Terry Tadlock, CIC, CPCU, CRIS, 
Correll Insurance Group of Hilton Head

Agency Management Based E&O Ethics, 3 hrs. Ethics
Rather than focusing on what you're doing wrong, this course deals with structuring your agency to reduce the likelihood of having an E&O claim while firmly establishing proper ethical standards. It address issues every organization needs to face such as: Agency Culture, Management Styles, Policy and Decision Making, Team Building and  Ethics through Transparency.

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Builders Risk and Contractors Equipment2 hrs. P&C
This course will discuss Builder’s Risk and Contractors Equipment coverages. A comparison of the completed value form and reporting form Builders Risk, property covered and not covered, causes of loss and valuation issues are examined. The discussion on Contractors Equipment examines the property covered and not covered, scheduled vs blanket coverage, exposures to loss and some common endorsements.

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Business Auto Claims That Cause Problems (Updated), 2 hrs. P&C
This course is intermediate level, designed to shed light on the most common mistakes made when insuring commercially owned vehicles.  We will discuss Who is an Insured, Additional Insured Endorsements, Application of Symbols, Employee Hired Auto and don’t forget the biggest E&O exposure of them all, Drive Other Car.

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Ethical Issues - Personal & Organizational, 3 hrs. Ethics
Ethics, in the most simplest of terms, is a study of decision making.  Why do people choose to make the right or wrong decision based on a set of circumstances?  What are the factors that affect such decisions?  

The fact is there could be hundreds and they could be different for each person and each decision.  That is why in this three hour course we will only scratch the surface of this issue known as ethical decision making.


New in 2022:  Ethics - Creating a Winning Culture in the Agency, 3 hrs. Ethics
Every organization has a culture, whether you realize it or not.  The question is, does your team recognize, understand and support a developed culture?  We will discuss the approaches to ethical decision-making and how agency culture influences those decisions. We will examine why teamwork is also critical not only for the agency’s financial success, but their ethical success as well.  We will discuss Healthy v. Smart and how that will grow your organization.  In addition, we will look at how to maintain your agency culture with remote employees.

NEW in 2022:  Homeowners Insurance Fact & Follies, 3 hrs. P&C
This course looks at a wide variety of scenarios faced by the typical homeowner and discuss how, if at all, the standard ISO Homeowners policy would respond. Topics discussed are valuation, the cost to build vs re-build, insurance to value, other structures, the definition of premises, deductibles, special limits, trees and debris removal, mold, and host liquor liability. What you think you know and what the policy provides may be surprising!

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Insuring Coastal Exposures3 hrs. P&C
Coastal exposures present unique challenges for insurance agents and carriers. This course will review some of those challenges in homeowners insurance, commercial property insurance, condominium coverages, business income, flood, and wind. Also discussed will be the particular E&O concerns for agents when insuring coastal exposures.

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Setting Business Income Limits1 hr. P&C
This course will show agents the factors needed to set the proper Business Income limits for their clients. The coinsurance method, Maximum Period of Indemnity, and Monthly Limit of Indemnity methods will be addressed.

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Those Kids and Their Cars (Updated), 2 hrs. P&C
One of the most pressing personal lines agents get is “What should I do with my kids?” This course deals with many subjects but none no important than these:

  • Should I take my kids off my policy and insure them under their own policy?
  • Can I be legally liable for the actions of my kids?
  • My kids are going away to college, what should I do?

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NEW in 2022:  Workers Compensation & the Law3 hrs. P&C
This class will look at the legal obligations and defenses of the employer-employee relationship, and how the Workers Compensation system modifies the legal concepts of common law. We will examine the major characteristics of the benefits provided by state workers compensation laws and discuss the coverages provided by the policy including Employers Liability coverage. Several Workers Compensation endorsements will also be reviewed.

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Jerry Rhinehart, CIC, CLU, ChFC, RHU

Innovations in Long Term Care Funding with Life Insurance, 3 hrs. L&H
This program will review the family dilemma faced by so many – the long-term care, and associated financial and emotional issues needed by a person when they encounter a serious medical issue. 

The cost, advantages and potential problems concerning the three options for care (personal residence, Assisted Care Living facility or Skilled Nursing Facility) will be reviewed as well as recent innovations that have emerged in the last 5 years (or so) regarding Living Benefits Riders (or policy provisions) that allow certain insurance contracts to provided advances against the death benefit to fund for the Long-Term Care dilemma.

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Understanding and Managing the Two Largest Government Benefits: SS and Medicare, 3 hrs. L&H
The United States government provides various programs to us - two of the largest are Social Security and Medicare. The qualification rules for both are very specific. This three-hour webinar will review the various qualification rules and the complex, and potentially confusing benefits of each program. Additionally, there will be a review of the various insurance products that are available to the Medicare beneficiary that can fill the gaps and a discussion of various products and concepts the Social Security beneficiary can consider so as not to be 100% dependent on that program at retirement time.

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