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Big "I" Markets Frequently Asked Questions

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The most common misconception about Big "I" markets is that agencies could service all the needs of all of your clients from its products. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Big "I" Markets is purely a supplemental service of mostly Excess & Surplus lines. Which leads us to our number two most commonly question...

How do I see what products are available?
The most accurate list of available products in our state is the one displayed when logged in to Big "I" Markets.  (You do not have to register your agency for Big "I" Markets in order to view the list of products.)


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Homeowner carriers often have restrictions and capacity limitations for jewelry. Many carriers are not willing to write higher-value jewelry. It can be difficult to find a policy that adequately covers jewelry and also offers the client a competitive price. A stand-alone jewelry policy (personal articles floater—PAF) addresses the jewelry need without impacting the homeowners policy.