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National Flood Program rolls out Risk Rating 2.0

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is rolling out a new method for determining premiums in the National FLood Insurance Program (NFIP) they claim will be more equitable regarding the property's actual flood risk, promising that 96 percent of current policyholders will see either an immediate decrease or no more than $20 increase in their monthly premiums.  

The new system will be applied to new policies beginning in October 2021 and to renewals in April 2022.  


Download FEMA Risk Rating 2.0 info sheet

Download FEMA South Carolina Risk Rating 2.0 info sheet

Download FEMA Simple Guide for Single Family Homes
Gives easy access to Risk Rating 2.0 info needed when completing NFIP app

View Risk Rating 2.0 FAQs on Selective website