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Data Security Compliance Services

Michael Jordan, CIPP/US, MCSM


Securibly is IIABSC’s most recently endorsed vendor. For a fraction of the cost of any alternative, their platform helps small and mid-sized independent agencies comply prudently and practically with the South Carolina Insurance Data Security Act (SCIDSA), as well as the Gramm Leach Bliley (GLBA) Safeguards Rule. No agency is exempt from implementing a basic Information Security Program and Securibly is makes this simple.

A common point of confusion is that agencies with fewer than 10 employees have a full exemption from SCIDSA, which is not true. They may be exempt from some of the particulars of what their Information Security Program includes, but GLBA still mandates most of the same components. Certainly other provisions of SCIDSA still apply as well.

Right now through Dec. 25, 2020, IIABSC members get an exclusive 50% discount on their first year of Securibly’s service when they subscribe to an annual plan. You may sign up at, select the annual plan and use discount code IIABSC20 at checkout to take advantage of this savings.


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Keith Small (Consultant)
Tandem Cyber Solutions
North Charleston, SC


Tandem offers services that help agencies get compliant with the SC Insurance Data Security Act. Service offerings Include:

  • SCIDSA Audit
  • Virtual SCIDSA Compliance and Security Officer
  • Cyber Awareness Training
  • Cyber Event Monitoring & Incident Response
  • Third-Party Service Provider Management
  • Information Security Plan Development
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Test

Our SCIDSA Audit is our number one service offering for Insurance Agencies and includes the Department of Insurance required risk assessment. During the audit we review policies,computers, networks, people and physical security. By the end of the process, you will know whether you are compliant and how your security practices will hold up to a real attacker.

We are known for working as partners with our clients' existing technical team to provide the most practical, effective and cost-concious security solutions.

SCIDSA Audit starts at $2,999.

Twitter  @CyberTandem   

Other nonmember consultants:

  • George Robertson (NC)
  • Jamie A. Khan (Attorney, Charleston, SC)

George Robertson, CISR 

IIANC Technology Consultant 
Twitter @GRobertson44


Service Offerings include:

Online DIY WISP Plan Development
Access to 12-webinar series in which agency will complete a Security Risk Assessment and write their own written information security plan (WISP) as they go through the webinars. Includes WISP template and up to 30 minutes of phone consultation after each webinar to answer any questions.  $900 total cost billed in three monthly installments of $300

Written Agency Data Security Plan
$2,500 agencies < 10 employees
$3,000 agencies > 10 employees
plus any applicable travel expenses

Staff Cyber Security Training
$300 plus any applicable travel expenses

One-on-one Consultative Advisory Sessions
$150 per hour plus any applicable travel expenses


Jamie A. Khan, CIPP/US (Attorney)
McCullough Khan, LLC
Charleston, SC

Offering advice and legal representation in the fields of:

  • Information security
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Privacy
  • Data breaches