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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did IIABSC make this change?
To make life easier for sponsors. IIABSC solicits sponsorships six times a year and bills annually for Associate membership. Add to that solicitations for exhibit space, and it was too much. Palmetto Partners includes associate membership and sponsorship with all events in one annual payment, ensuring your company will receive promotion with our members throughout the year.

How do I join the IIABSC Palmetto Partners Program?
Simply complete the Palmetto Partners Pledge form and email to, or mail it to our office. IIABSC, 800 Gracern Rd, Columbia, SC 29210.
Can my company/organization still contribute to IIABSC events without becoming a Palmetto Partner?
Yes, but IIABSC Palmetto Partners Program members receive priority selection of event sponsorships and exhibit space at each event.

Is it more economical to contribute as an IIABSC Palmetto Partner?
Yes, IIABSC Palmetto Partners save between 3-13 percent annually depending on their level.

When can I join?
IIABSC solicits Palmetto Partners in the fall. Pledge by Dec. 30 and payment is due by Jan. 30.

Can I pay for my IIABSC Palmetto Partners Program in installments?
No, installment payments are not available.

What are the other benefits of joining the IIABSC Palmetto Partners Program?
Once-a-year solicitation, benefits that outweigh the costs, priority selection of sponsorships and exhibit space, receiving perks not available otherwise, and your continued support makes it possible for IIABSC to continue to provide quality and affordable events that enhance the professionalism of our members.

How is priority determined within each category?
Priority within each category is determined on the order in which payment is received. For example, the first Gold member to send in payment gets top priority in the Gold category selections.
What are the differences between the different booth categories? How does exhibit space prioritization work?
Exhibit Booths differ based on size and location in the exhibit hall.  Premium Booths are the largest booths measuring 10x8 and located in the most coveted locations in the exhibit hall (i.e. areas that tend to get the most traffic: near entrances, food/beverage, bars, etc.).  Standard Booths (or supporting sponsor booths) measure 8x8 and are in prime locations throughout the exhibit hall and Regular Booths (or Foyer Booths) measure 8x6 and are either located inside the exhibit hall or in the foyer just outside of the exhibit hall depending on space.

In addition to booth size and location, all exhibiting Palmetto Partners are highlighted in the exhibit hall in various ways such as drape color, signage, etc.
Palmetto Partners receive priority selection of exhibit booth spaces at each event, meaning they are able to register and make their booth selections before any other exhibitor registrations and selections are accepted.  Priority is given in order of level, for example, Diamond Elite level Palmetto Partners receive first choice, then regular Diamond, and so on.  Diamond Elite, Diamond, Platinum, Gold Partners receive one complimentary premium exhibit booth of their choice at BOTH the Spring Conference and Annual Convention. 
Silver Partners receive one complimentary standard exhibit booth (8x8) at BOTH the Spring Conference and Annual Convention. They have the option to pay the difference to upgrade their booth.
Why is sending my logo important?
We need your logo for continued promotion and for publicized appreciation of your support throughout the year. We ask that you submit your company/organization’s color logo in either EPS or vector file format to by January 30 of the pledge year.  Palmetto Partners are highlighted in several ways throughout the year and your logo just adds to your possibilities forpromotion.  Your logo could be included on the IIABSC website, electronic member mailings, signage, and various other print materials. For logo spec details contact our Director of Communications.
What is included in the “Featured Palmetto Partner Spotlight” per level?
All spotlights include a written article, logo and additional (optional) image of choice.  Word limit, logo and image size specified by level; each partner is responsible for submitting their spotlight materials by the specified deadline (sent separately); images must be high quality, full color, jpeg or tif image files; see logo specifications above.
Diamond and Platinum Palmetto Partners would receive a spotlight including an article of up to 1000 words in the quarterly IIABSC magazine publication, which will also be linked on this webpage and on the IIABSC Facebook page.
Gold and Silver Palmetto Partners receive an article of up to 250 words on this webpage, which will also be linked on the IIABSC Facebook page.  Bronze Palmetto Partners receive an article of up to 100 words linked on the IIABSC Facebook page.
What does a full complimentary registration cover?
One full conference and/or convention registration will cover one individual’s registration fee to attend the specified event either as a regular attendee or an additional exhibitor (if your company or organization is exhibiting).  Each full registration includes all conference and/or convention meetings, exhibit hall, receptions, meals, and entertainment as specified on the event schedule.  Additional/optional activities travel and lodging expenses are NOT included.