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Marketing Reimbursement Program

Agencies can receive  up to $1,250 back from branding expenses

In order to support your agency's branding efforts, Trusted Choice reimburses some of your associated costs each year. 

New members and first-time MRP applicants are reimbursed on materials such as business cards, letterhead or agency signage. 

All members are reimbursed for participation in the Digital Reboot program, which includes a free digital review of current website and social media, updated website on approved templates by partner and discounted three-month advantage subscription from 

All MRP funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Agencies with multiple locations may submit separate MRP applications for each location.

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Also (see MRP guidelines for details):

  • Reimursements will not be made for ongoing expenses such as website hosting/maintenance, directory listings, subscriptions to marketing services, expenses for yellow pages ads or other phone-book advertising.


send questions or pre-approvals to

Tier One: Trusted Choice will reimburse 50 percent of your total spent for use of the Trusted Choice logo on any consumer-focused items. Maximum reimbursement is $750. For new members or first-time MRP applicants only.

This includes, but it not limited to: Freedom Campaign materials, promotional items, original advertising, business cards, etc.

Tier Two:  Trusted Choice will reimburse 50 percent of your total spent for digital upgrade using our new partner (updates to agency website, social media, mobile app). This covers set-up fee and the first three months of hosting services as well as the first three months of a discounted Advantage subscription. Maximum reimbursement is $479. Available to all member agencies.