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Continuing Education requirements

  • Act 141 mandates minimum continuing education requirements for all licensed insurance agents doing business in South Carolina.

  • Each licensed agent is required to complete 24 hours of approved insurance education, including 3 hours of ethics CE, by the end of their biennial period, which is based on their birth date.

  • The deadline for the biennial period is on the last day of a producer's birth month every other year. If you were born in an even numbered year you must meet requirements and renew your license by the end of your birth month in even years.  If you were born in an odd year then you must complete the renewal process with required CE by the end of your birth month in odd years.

  • Agents with Single Lines of Authority must complete at least 8 hours in the line of authority, 3 hours of ethics, and the remaining 13 hours may be earned by completing any approved insurance course.

  • Agents with Dual Lines of Authority must complete 8 hours in each line licensed; i.e., 8 hours of P&C credits and 8 hours of L&H credits, 3 hours must be in ethics; and the remaining 5 hours can be in any line.

  • An agent may not repeat the same course number more than once in a two-year period. However, an agent may take a course on the same subject if each course carries a different course number.

  • Agents may satisfy the SC CE requirement by either classroom courses, webinars/webcasts or self-study courses. 

    Please note that exams are required for self-study courses and must be proctored by a disinterested third party, but it doesn't have to be a state-approved proctor.

    Please also note that IIABSC Webinars and Webcasts do not require an exam in order to receive CE.  Instead, there are a series of pop-up questions during the webinar/webcast which the participant will answer to verify their attendance.  For more information contact our Education Coordinator.

  • No more than 18 hours of credit may be carried over from one biennial period. Ethics hours DO NOT carry over to the next period. Excess P&C or excess L&H hours can carry over, but not excess Ethics hours.

    Agents should direct all individual questions concerning their credits to the State Based Systems (SBS) at 816-783-8990 or email their Help Desk at  

    Agents should also periodically check the status of their CE hours by visiting 

  • There is no longer an exemption from CE unless you were grandfathered in prior to the regulation change in 2010.

  • Agents must notify the Department of Insurance, online only, within 30 days of a change in his/her residence address, email address and/or any name change. 

    An email address is also required as all correspondence concerning CE will be emailed. The SCDOI no longer sends ANY licensing correspondence through physical mail. 

    Instructions for online address correction can be found on the Department's web site,

    To Check Your CE Hours/Get a Copy of your CE Transcript:
    (click here for a short step-by-step video)
  • Go to
  • Click on Lookup and enter the information requested and hit Search.  (Be sure to enter your NPN and NOT your license number. If you do not know your NPN, just put in your name and click on Search then locate your name in the list that comes up.) 
  • Scroll across the page and click on the link that says License Manager. 
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your SS# and hit Search.  
  • At the top of the page, click on Review you Education Transcript
  • Click on that link and your transcript will come up showing you the credits that are required, the credits you have earned, your carryover credits and the credits needed for renewal. 
  • If you want to see a list of the courses you've taken, click on the link for the time period you want under CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSE COMPLETION

       If you have any questions on your CE hours or your CE transcript, you should contact SBS at                  816-783-8990 or email their Help Desk at