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Trusted Choice Launches AI Marketing Toolkit

Guidance in this new era of marketing for independent agents

Trusted Choice® has created their AI Marketing Toolkit for Independent Agents, which is a FREE GUIDE for those members who are eager to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance client relationships, optimize marketing efforts and drive business growth.

The toolkit provides resources for mastering AI prompts, using AI for search engine optimization (SEO), auditing an AI chatbot, ethics and best practices, and more. 

Many independent insurance agents are already embracing AI technologies in several innovative ways, enhancing their operations, client service and marketing strategies. The toolkit dives into simple and effective ways agents can utilize AI while also avoiding many of unknowns associated with the burgeoning technology.


Included in this toolkit are:

  • How to use AI for marketing and sales
  • Prompting guidelines
  • Leveraging AI in your SEO strategy
  • Overview of AI chatbots and other top tools
  • Ethical considerations and best practices

Download the “AI Marketing Toolkit for Independent Agents” to discover how AI can be your ultimate partner in delivering personalized client experiences and make data-driven decisions that set you apart from the competition.​


Discover how AI can be your ultimate partner in elevating your client interactions and agency communications. 

Step into the future of insurance marketing and unlock the power of AI to drive your agency's marketing success.