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E&O series offers attorney feedback

SwissRe survey results offer perspective in E&O defense

View the results of when ​​​SwissRe and the Big "I" Professional Liability risk management team surveyed their E&O defense attorneys to gain more perspective into the agent's E&O litigation environment and to get real-world feedback.

Here are the results broken down by topic to provide direction on where potential E&O claims may be lurking in your agency.

Common allegations made against agents

Things to remember when claims occur

Most common agency errors seen

Preventing E&O claims

Prevailing when it happens to you

What's exposing your agency?

What does good documentation consist of?

Using checklists and questionnaires

Cases where the agents prevailed​

Preparing and participating in depositions

Preparing and participating in mediations​

Emotions during the claims process​

Average staff time dealing with a claim​

What to look for in a claims department​ 

Defend E&O claims before they happen