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E&O Education Online

Find E&O education online through ABEN

The ABEN online learning platform is an easy to use and affordable option for E&O education. 

  • View available E&O courses in Categories list, can filter to view which qualify for 10% premium credits

  • Webcasts are live, interface allows note-taking and ability to submit questions to the instructor

  • System automatically sends course reminders prior to start time
  • Attendence verification system means no test needed for CE credit  

Screenshot of ABEN interface allows, which allows users to view instructor, presentation slides and notes simultaneously was well as the ability to submit questions to the instructor.


(More than just E&O!)

Group viewing option
Both small groups (2-9) and large groups (10+) are encouraged. Many agencies are taking advantage of this option and saving at least 10 percent. Instructors can be found within ABEN.

About our helpdesk
We offer exceptional technical support for clients. The helpdesk may be reached via email at or by phone at 1-877-602-9877

Need more help?
Contact Network Manager Sally Smith at 972-342-4074.