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Zero Risk Hiring System

Predictive hiring in 5 easy steps

The Zero Risk Hiring System is a pre-employment assessment tool with position-specific benchmarks and custom behavioral interview guides designed to help you hire they right candidate. Our assessment measures clarity of thinking and emotional intelligence.



Predictive Hiring in 5 easy steps

  1. Assign an access code
    The easy-to-use customer portal makes it simple to generate an assessment code and only takes a matter of seconds.

  2.  Candidate takes the assessment
    The 20-minute candidate assessment is web-based and available in 6 languages.

  3.  View candidate's results
    Upon completion, the system generates the results and immediately sends an email notification. The results include a candidate profile, customized strengths and weaknesses, summary and interview guide.

  4. Compare the assessment results to the benchmark
    The system includes access to more than 500 validated hiring benchmarks.

  5.  Conduct a behavioral interview
    The hiring system produces an interview strategy and legally reviewed customized behavioral interview guide.

Reveal the source of personality

The Zero Risk assessment consists of four simple tasks and because it does not require self evaluation, the results are impossible to manipulate, unlike a traditional personality test. The assessment measures an individual's core values and emotional intelligence, such as their ability to show empathy and connect on an emotional basis with prospects, customers, employees and direct reports.

  • Intuition & Empathy
    (relationship building)

  • Results Orientation & Decisiveness
    (energy, attention to detail)

  • Adherence & Organization

  • Types of Reasoning
    (Analytical v. creative thinking)

  • Self View
    (handling rejection/ criticism)

  • Self Awareness
    (Confidence, initiative)

  • Self Expectations
    (work ethics)

  • Attention Balance
    (thinking under stress)

An assessment that measures how the candidate thinks

The assessment results give you accurate insight about the candidate or employee's personality, behaviors and ability to control and influence emotions that result from their thinking.  These results reveal the candidate's: 

  • Communications with co-workers
  • Sales aptitude
  • Safety orientation
  • Integrity and workplace ethics
  • Management competencies
  • Judgment under stress
  • Accountability
  • Dependability

Training & Support

Our client services team is available to help. As a Zero Risk Hiring System user, you have access to unlimited interprative support for all candidate assessment results and free monthly training webinars. Contact Client Services at 972-996-0800 or