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Please participate in our study of top SC producers & CSRs

Complete our 15-minute assessment produced by ZeroRisk HR, Inc.

Sales and new business development are the life blood of your agency. Additionally, building great client relationships is key to customer satisfaction and customer retention. Hiring and retaining top performing producers and customer service representatives is one of the most common challenges we hear that agency owners are faced with in today’s market.

To address this common business challenge, we've recently partnered with ZERORISK HR and will be conducting a complimentary study to identify the common emotional intelligence competencies found among proven successful producers and customer service representatives in South Carolina.  The findings of the research project will be available to all participating organizations in a white paper report produced by ZERORISK HR, Inc. upon completion of the study.

Participating is easy. Pick your top producer and your top customer service representative to complete a 15-minute assessment. You will receive an individual summary report on both staff members outlining their strengths, weaknesses, and best working environment. You will also receive, at the conclusion of the study, the white paper summarizing all the common traits of top performers in SC.

To participate, please contact Mike Poskey, President & CEO of ZERORISK HR (email Mike or call 972-845-1669 ) before June 30, 2021. 

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Study Objective

Identify, through objective means, the core emotional intelligence competencies, and values necessary for success in a Producer and a CSR role.

What Your Agency Receives for Participating

  • Two ZERORISK Hiring System Online Assessments to assess your top-performing producer and CSR. The assessment can be completed in 15 minutes.

  • An individual summary report (resulting report from ZERORISK Hiring System Profile) on each participant. This report summarizes each participant’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and best working environment. This report is geared for the use of the employee’s direct manager.

  • A validated “success hiring benchmark” for a producer and a CSR encompassing the critical emotional intelligence competencies to compare future producer & CSR candidates against.

  • An optional opportunity to discuss each employee’s assessment results with one of ZERORISK HR’s consultants to further identify ongoing management, development, and key retention and motivation techniques of the employees that completed the assessment (This optional one‐on‐one debrief will further explain the results and answer any questions your agency may have).

  • A resulting White‐Paper summarizing the common traits found among the top performing producers and CSRs. (Please note that this summary will be a compilation of participants, and that no confidential or individual information will be shared about the participants or participating agencies) 

How to Participate 

  • To participate, please contact Mike Poskey, President & CEO of ZERORISK HR (email Mike or call 972-845-1669 ) before June 30, 2021. 

  • Identify your top-performing producer and CSR to complete the 15‐minute assessment online using access codes we provide. We suggest you identify producers and CSRs that have a consistent track record of success in your agency.

  • ZERORISK HR will email login access codes and a link for the top performers to complete the 15‐minute assessment online, along with a deadline for completion.

  • ZERORISK HR expects to have the results of the study to share within 30‐days of receiving all completed assessments of the top producers and CSRs. 

Expected Benefits

  • Identify core competencies that correlate to key performance indictors
  • Increased revenue & new business
  • Increased customer satisfaction & retention
  • Reduced management headaches associated with hiring the wrong people 
  • Enhance communication & development tips to build productive teams