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The Law of Insurance Contracts and the ‘Rules’ of Policy Interpretation

VU/ABEN Basics & Beyond webseries—Basics

​Insurance policies are subject to the standard law of contracts; but beyond simple contract law, insurance contracts are bound by unique provisions and requirements specific to insurance. An understanding of these unique legal characteristics is necessary to understand the insurance contract. Once the unusual characteristics of insurance contracts are understood, the rules for reading any insurance policy can be applied. In this class students learn:

  • The basic provisions of contract law; 
  • The unique legal characteristics of insurance contracts; 
  • The general construction of insurance contracts; 
  • The ‘rules’ for reading and understanding ANY insurance policy; and
  • Why exclusions exist.​​

approved for 3 hrs. P&C credit

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ABEN webcasts and the Big "I" Virtual University have partnered together to create a new series of webcasts to start participants at the basics of insurance and then take them  beyond to advanced knowledge. This course is the third in the "Basics" section of classes.