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Premium Auditing – What Every Agent Must Know

VU/ABEN Basics & Beyond webseries—Beyond

Insurance premiums are based upon certain exposures which cannot be definitively known at policy inception, only estimated. Since the basis of premium is only estimated, the insurer may not be paid the correct premium for the insured exposure. To assure proper premiums, a premium audit is performed after the policy period ends. 

In this class we'll discuss:

  • The various entities and agencies involved in creating premium audit rules and guidelines; 
  • Who is and is not include in audits;
  • The who, what and how of workers’ compensation audits;
  • The who, what and how of commercial general liability audits; 
  • Some highlights of commercial auto and garage audits; and 
  • The “ABCs” (or rules) of premium audits.​

approved for 2 hrs. P&C credit

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ABEN webcasts and the Big "I" Virtual University have partnered together to create a new series of webcasts to start participants at the basics of insurance and then take them  beyond to advanced knowledge. This course is the second in the "Beyond" section of classes.​