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Username and passwords

BIM Frequently Asked Questions

How can others in my agency get their Username/Password?
Your BIM username and password is the same as for access to IIABSC website. Anyone in your agency needing theirs can click on the "Need your password?" link on the Big "I" Markets login page and enter their email address to get their login information emailed directly to them.
If we do not have their email address on file then have them send an email to requesting their login/password.
Additionally, your agency Key Contact is able to access the login/password of everyone in your agency by clicking on "Agency Profile," then "Edit Information," logging in and clicking on each person. The username (User ID) is on the top left side and the default password is the Nat'l ID on the upper right.

Can I add users?
Yes, if you have the appropriate administrative rights, meaning you are marked as a System Admin in the Agency Profile. See permissions levels below.


Do our users have the correct administrative rights assigned?

Big “I” Markets assigns several types of administrative rights to agency staff. Typically assigned during the Big “I” Markets registration process, these roles and rights determine who can submit business and manage accounts:

  • Organization Administrator (Admin): manages Data Reconciliation information for agency and its users (agency staff)
  • System Administrator (SystemAdmins): views other agency users’ Big “I” Markets submissions and may or may not be licensed
  • CSR: submits quotes but can only view quote detail page and is not the primary contact on the account
  • ​Producer: primary contact on accounts, who has registered for Big “I” Markets, received agency license and is authorized to submit business 

Contact us or Big "I" Markets if one of your users needs a different permissions-level access to Big "I" Markets.


Scroll down for:

Can I add users?

Do our users have the correct administrative rights assigned?