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“Different” is Better When it Comes to PUP Renewals

RLI Personal Umbrella Policy


At RLI, our motto is, “Different Works” – and that certainly applies to the RLI standalone personal umbrella product. Policy declarations list the required underlying limits for all types of exposures RLI extends coverage to, even ones an insured doesn’t have yet. The insured completes an easy renewal questionnaire to update their information each year but, in the meantime, coverage extends to new exposures if those required limits are maintained (subject to the policy provisions at the time of the loss). No need to endorse this umbrella every time your insured swaps vehicles or purchases another home. RLI’s standalone personal umbrella is “different” than the other high-maintenance personal lines products you may be used to.

About 90 days (or more depending on the state the policy was issued) prior to the expiration date, RLI will mail a renewal packet directly to your insured. This packet contains a letter explaining the process and a renewal questionnaire. The letter contains instructions on how to complete the renewal questionnaire or the option to complete the same questionnaire online using unique login credentials.

The insured verifies all information we have on file for their exposure (i.e., total number of vehicles, properties, violations, at-fault accidents, members of household, etc.), provides the minimum underlying limits of automobile liability they agree to maintain for the upcoming term and signs/dates the questionnaire either on paper or electronically. Those completing the process online may have the opportunity to pay for their upcoming renewal term during the same session. If the questionnaire is completed on paper or additional underwriting is required, a bill will be sent to the client (if eligible) offering the opportunity to pay online or via mail.

If the first questionnaire is not returned (either by mail or electronically), RLI will mail a second questionnaire approximately 35 days prior to the expiration date which also contains a non-renewal notice. The letter and non-renewal notice include the reason for non-renewal, but more importantly, allows the insured to still return their renewal questionnaire prior to the expiration.

This “different” renewal process allows us to catch those endorsements we do not process mid-term, such as adding/removing motorized vehicles or properties. The most important takeaway from our renewal process is that regardless of how the insured chooses to return their renewal questionnaire – either online or by mail – they must provide us with a signed questionnaire in order for RLI to determine their eligibility and premium. Here is an example renewal application form for easy reference.

As you continue to sell the RLI Personal Umbrella policy to your valued clients, please set the expectations regarding renewal and the need to review and complete the renewal packet from RLI once received. Should you have any questions about the renewal process or about the Personal Umbrella program, please contact Tracy Guyette in our office.

Policies are underwritten by RLI Insurance Company. Not all applicants will qualify for coverage. Privacy Policy: