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Trusted Choice® launches new brand campaign

"You do you" customizable materials available in agents resource center website


Trusted Choice® has launched a new brand campaign airing nationally on Hulu, YouTube and paid social media platforms called “You do You."

This concept visually tells the story of a consumer and their busy life—and how insurance plays a role in many aspects of it, communicating how Trusted Choice independent agents can assist consumers with their unique needs. It places the agent right beside the consumer, guiding them so the consumer can go back to the other parts of their busy life.

Airing nationally, this is the first time that Trusted Choice is advertising via streaming services. With increased demand, consumers spend more time on Hulu than Sling, Spectrum TV, DirecTV Now, Pluto, ESPN and Xfinity combined. With 28 million total subscribers at a median age of 32 and a median income of $92K, Hulu provides Trusted Choice with great marketing demographics.

This campaign is targeted towards three main audiences of established, small business owners, and in-market shoppers. Our estimated impressions of this campaign, slated to run through October, is over 20 million.

Watch each ad on YouTube:

The digital ads on social media platforms will drive engaged consumers to matching landing pages:  

Trusted Choice staff is also building out a full set of customizable assets for members to use this campaign locally, available on our agents resource website.