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A word about multiple markets

From the IIABSC Agency, Inc.

We know that from time to time, you receive solicitations for an opportunity to quote your agency professional liability insurance, just as your clients receive mail from direct writers that want the chance to quote their insurance, too. At your agency, you want your clients to know you have alternative markets, and that they are not locked into one company. 

Here at IIABSC, we too have multiple E&O companies we can use to quote your insurance. But like you, we don't automatically quote an alternative unless the client is looking for one. Similar to your agency, we advise that the market does change from time to time, but E&O is a coverage where a long-established relationship with the carrier helps when things turn sour.

We advise that you think long and hard before moving your coverage. Keep two things in mind: no standard E&O policy exists, so a coverage comparison is critical if you are looking at alternatives; and you should always ask questions about market share and claims handling. New players often jump in and out of the marketplace in just a couple of years, and they have little experience in handling agency E&O claims.

At IIABSC, we have two membership E&O programs: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and Fireman's Fund. We also have access to a large number of specialty markets for agencies not meeting admitted carrier eligibility. Our staff members all have a great deal of experience in placing coverage and helping you understand the differences.

Before you go shopping around for E&O coverage, do yourself a favor and give the IIABSC Agency a call. You will be glad you did.​​


Don't get overwhelmed by your E&O coverage. Just call us!

Megan Thomas