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Big "I" Professional Liability Program

Find the E&O coverage that's right for your business

​​How does your coverage compare?Our E&O program provides superior customer service and expertise by IIABSC, and the program's national oversight committee is comprised of Big "I" members. Both of our primary carriers have more than 25 years' experience with insurance agents' professional liability in order to provide more than just a policy, a comprehensive risk-management program.​​

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Swiss Re/ Westport 

Working with our partners at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, we have created one of the strongest coverage forms in the marketplace.

  • Rated A+ by A.M. Best
  • State of the art coverage form exclusive to Big "I" Members
  • Claims-made Coverage
  • Coverage for the sale of both Property/Casualty and Life/Health insurance products
  • Insolvency coverage for all carriers with B+ or better A.M. Best rating, or for business placed with an insurance carrier admitted in the state or states of domicile of the subject risk and rated A or higher by Demotech
  • Limits of liability up to $25 million
  • Broad definition of covered professional services and activities
  • Comprehensive definition of "insured"
  • Aggregate deductibles available
  • Defense costs outside the limit
  • Crisis Management coverage; up to $20,000 per policy period for fees, costs and expenses incurred within six months of a crisis event.
  • $25,000 first party personal data breach (cyber)
  • $1 million third party personal data breach (cyber) sublimit available
  • Full prior acts available
  • 60/40 consent to settle clause
  • Deductible reduction up to $25,000 per claim with proper documentation
  • Catastrophe Expense $25,000 per incident, $50,000 per policy period
  • Regulatory defense $100,000 per policy period in addition to the limit of liability
  • True worldwide protection
  • 10% premium credit up to three years for proper completion of an approved loss-control program
  • 10% premium credit for five years for an having an approved voluntary in-house E&O audit


Why choose Swiss Re/ Westport?

  • Exclusive loss prevention resources including
    Risk management website and newsletter
  • An exclusive policy form and premium credits filed on a Risk Purchasing Group basis give Big “I” members tailored coverage
  • Dedicated claims staff focuses solely on defending insurance agents E&O claims, 70 percent of claims personnel are attorneys
  • Rated “A+” (Excellent) by A.M. Best

Allianz (formerly Fireman's Fund)

With more than 25 years of experience, Allianz, formerly Fireman’s Fund, is another industry leader in providing E&O liability coverage for agents and brokers. The company is one of the largest writers of agents E&O coverage in the country.

  • Rated A+ by A.M. Best
  • State-of-the-art coverage form, exclusive to Big "I" members
  • Claims-made coverage with full prior acts
  • Coverage for sale of both Property/Casualty and Life/Health
  • Insolvency coverage for all carroers with B+ or better A.M. Best rating
  • Limits of Liability up to $10 million
  • Broad coverage tailored to insurance
  • Broad definition of who is an insured, including spousal liability
  • Aggregate deductibles
  • Defense costs outside the limits
  • $50,000 first party personal data compromise breach response for the accidental loss of client data, with optional higher limits available
  • (No 3rd Party personal data compromise)
  • 80/20 consent to settle clause
  • Deductible waived if insured is claims free within Fireman's Fund for five or more years
  • $10,000/$30,000 (per catastrophe/per policy period) claims extra expense
  • $35,000 regulatory investigation defense expense coverage per policy period
  • True worldwide coverage
  • 10% premium credit three years for attending an approved loss-control program
  • (E&O Audit credit is not available)


Why choose Allianz/Fireman's Fund?

  • Competitive rating plan
  • Rated “A+” (Excellent) by A. M. Best
  • Dedicated, 24-hour claims expertise with multi-line background
  • Policies are direct bill​