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New Changes to CIC and CISR Exams in 2022

Changes apply to both webinar and in-person classroom participants

Beginning January 1, 2022, all exams for those seeking the CIC and CISR designations will be given online, including the exams for those attending live, in-person classroom programs. There will be no more paper exams. The National Alliance has moved all exams to their Learning Management System and exams will be given during an “exam window” following the course completion. Participants will access the exams through the Learning Portal on their PROfile page.

CIC exam windows will run from Monday at 01:01 AM EST through Thursday at 11:59 PM EST the week following the end of the class.  This will eliminate the third day of the program bringing CIC programs down to only two days.  For participants who attend a CIC classroom course, a proctor will need to be submitted to the National Alliance prior to the end of the class.  This can be done through your PROfile page.

The CISR exam window will be 5:15 PM EST the day of the class through Thursday at 11:59 PM EST the week following the class.  South Carolina began giving online CISR exams for in-person CISR seminars in 2021. There is one change to this procedure based on feedback provided to the National Alliance. 

Any student wishing to take the online CISR immediately following their seminar will be able to do so and the seminar instructor will stay and proctor their exam. Those who would like to stay and take the exam will need to notify IIABSC prior to their seminar and bring their own electronic devices.  The equipment for taking the exam will not be provided to the participants. 

Details on the new CIC/CISR testing procedures will be given to all participants prior to class.

Illustration depicting online testing with a young lady reaching into her computer screen with a No. 2 pencil.

No more paper exams - 
Exams will be taken online in the week following class