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Upcoming FREE agency management webinar series

Webinars presented by the Big I SC & Agency Focus

Join us for our Big I South Carolina Agency Management Webinar Series,  presented by Carey Wallace with Agency Focus LLC. Carey works with independent insurance agencies and their owners to help them understand their value and make informed decisions by leveraging their data and growing their business so they can thrive! Don't miss this premier professional development training provided as a member benefit for Big I SC members!

Member benefits include one FREE 30-minute consultative session with Agency Focus

Agency Management webinar shows a closeup of the table at an informal staff collaboration meeting

Revenue, Multiples and Value, oh my!  Busting the Myths on Agency Value
April 6,   2:00–3:00 pm

Many agencies still talk about agency value as multiple revenues. In this session, we will show you why this is risky, what factors truly drive your agency value and how you can put that knowledge to work inside your agency and increase your agency’s value. In addition, we will talk about the multiples in the headlines and what you can expect in your agency.  (No CE credit).

What’s the story with multiples?
June 7,   2:00 – 3:00 pm

The headlines in our industry paint a very pretty picture of what is happening in the industry, but how does that apply to you? We will cover the industry trends with multiples, explain the difference between types of transactions and the varying multiples that apply to the three main types of transactions - when selling internally, to another retail agency vs. private equity deals. We will cover ways you can prepare in advance, strengthen your financials, and share the key information that will be needed when planning for agency transitions.   (No CE credit).

Have a Plan
August 9,   10:00 – 11:00 am

In this session, we will look at the key decision areas that an agency owner needs to focus on when establishing a perpetuation plan. The topics will range from, your key priorities as an agency owner, the importance of time, defining your involvement with that agency after transition, qualities for a strong successor, mentoring the next agency owner,  funding a transition, and much, much more.  You will leave with practical take-aways that you can consider as you plan for your agency’s future.   (No CE credit).

KPIs – for data-driven Agencies
Oct. 4,  10:00 – 11:00 am

There is no question that change is happening at record pace, what are you doing to evolve and change with it as an organization? We will explore the key KPIs that every agency owner should be tracking and the impact of knowing these metrics can have on your agency’s future.  We will cover common pitfalls to KPIs and provide actionable advice in selecting, measuring and monitoring key performance metrics to drive positive outcomes.    (No CE credit).


INSTRUCTOR: Carey Wallace, CEO, Agency Focus

Carey Wallace started her career in a technology startup and found her way into the insurance industry by chance. While working for the Ohio Insurance Agents Association, Carey created valuation and consulting services as well as built and led the first data-analytics company solely focused on independent insurance agencies.  

She is incredibly passionate about helping agency owners leverage data to grow and thrive in the changing insurance marketplace. For the past 14 years, Carey has worked with hundreds of agencies helping them understand their agency’s value and turn that knowledge into an actionable plan for their agency’s future. 

Carey has a Finance degree from West Virgina University and provides a variety of consulting services through her company, Agency Focus, LLC.