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Upcoming L&H CE opportunities in 2019


Classroom courses

(No more classroom courses in 2019)

Webcast courses

ABEN Estate Planning Techniques Options & Opportunities, 2 hrs. L&H
This two hour webcast focuses on written wills, trusts, estate tax management and various areas that individuals can consider for their estate planning needs.  In addition to specific planning techniques that require a competent attorney, the proper issuance of life insurance (ownership, beneficiary, etc.) will also be discussed.

ABEN Innovations in Long Term Care Funding with Life Insurance3 hrs. L&H
This program reviews the cost, advantages and potential problems concerning the three options for long-term care (personal residence, Assisted Care Living facility or Skilled Nursing Facility) as recent innovations regarding Living Benefits Riders (or policy provisions) allowing certain insurance contracts to provided advances against the death benefit to fund for the Long-Term Care dilemma.

ABEN Long Term Care Insurance2 hrs. L&H
The primary concerns of someone facing a long-term care dilemma are the best facility to use, how much it costs and how to pay for it. This program reviews the rules, requirements and problems associated with the government (Medicare/Medicaid) paying for such care and the advantages, coverage options, riders, current trends, tax rules, underwriting criteria and potential cost of a long term care insurance policy paying for the needed care.

ABEN Retirement Planning and Annuities Update 2 hrs. L&H
This course reviews the advantages and disadvantages of various retirement planning vehicles and concepts. Discussion concerning qualified plans will include: IRAs, ROTH, 401k, SIMPLE and a SEP. The discussion concerning non-qualified plans will include: Life insurance, annuities, stocks/bonds and Social Security. The session will conclude with a review of annuities: features, tax rules, distribution options and general contract provisions.

ABEN Top 5 Life Insurance Uses, 2 hrs. L&H
Examines five uses for life insurance that agents can discuss with prospects, ranging from fairly simple personal needs concepts to more complicated business concepts as well as the concept of using life insurance to coordinate with Qualified plans and providing a tax-free retirement plan for the loved-ones.