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Big I Virtual Risk Consultant rebranded as Rough Notes Advantage Plus

Member agencies receive $200 discount from direct subscription price

Effective immediately, the Big "I" branded Virtual Risk Consultant (VRC) will be discontinued and replaced with Rough Notes' Advantage Plus. The platform and suite of services will not change, but product access, registration/renewals and payment is now managed by Rough Notes, which is the platform behind VRC.

This service has useful information for all positions within the agency to increase professionalism and increase sales. It aims to increase staff knowledgeable about client/prospect operations and enhance the risk analysis process with:

  • Overviews of more than 650 business class and personal lines risks
  • Customizable questionnaires/surveys to identify client exposures
  • Coverage checklists

Member agencies will continue to receive a significant discount ($200 off) on the direct subscription price of $700 annually, which is still significantly lower than price points offered through similar distributors. Use case-sensitive promotional code IIABA

Current subscribers were notified directly of the change. Interested subscribers should access the Rough Notes website. Don't forget to use the promotional code!

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